The most common complaints regarding eyes for women are dark circles and under-eye bags. It may have occurred due to the lack of good sleep or aging over the years. There are many DIY methods and creams to reduce the puffiness around eyes and dark circles. There are some makeup tips and techniques that can temporarily hideaway those eye bags and improve your appearance. Dermal filler is the new popular treatment used in tear trough correction. It is an eye bag removal non-surgical alternative where dermal fillers are injected to lift cheeks and mask the eye bags. 

Permanent solution for your eye bags 

If you are looking for a more permanent way to remove eye bags it is eye bag removal surgery. Blepharoplasty is the recommended treatment for eyelift which removes excess fat and smoothens the skin. The result of this surgery is a youthful look and fresh tight skin around the eyes. Patients aiming to get eye bag removal surgery should seek their doctor’s advice to get fat removed or relocated from the upper eyelid or lower one. The upper eye treatment is mainly concerned for removing wrinkles while the lower eye bag surgery reduces the tired appearance of the eyes.

Post-care importance 

Eye bag surgery is only recommended for desperate patients as the aftercare is important. When you are planning to get eye bag removal surgery, look into professional, certified and experienced doctors. Going for cost-effective treatment by compromising on the quality will leave your face scarred for life. The aftercare treatment is about 7 days while full recovery takes a month for eye bag removal surgery. There will be minimal scarring and any stitches done will heal in 5 days. There will be initially some side effects like blurred vision for a few hours or a day depending on the recovery time.
For long-term benefits, follow all the precautions suggested by the doctor like applying ointments, restricted use of makeup products, and avoiding lens use for a week. A good diet, exercise, and lifestyle should be followed religiously to enjoy the benefits of eye bag removal surgery.

Remove Dark Eye Circles

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