The lower side of the eyes of people is often puffy or inflamed. This is a very familiar change that happens with most people with increasing age. These are also known as eye bags. This usually happens when the muscles which aid the eyelids become weak and they start to shift towards the lower part of the eye, making it swollen. This is mostly seen with advancing age but can be noticed in young individuals too due to a variety of reasons. 
Several factors are responsible for it such as smoking habits of the person, not receiving adequate amount of sleep, amount of daily water intake and consumption of salt. Dark circles under the eyes can also be seen due to these reasons. Baggy eyes may also be hereditary, that is, one can get puffy eyes because their family members have it too. 

Medical problems and their solutions

Swollen under eyes may be the symptom of an underlying medical condition. People may be suffering from thyroid problems which can cause baggy eyes. An eye allergy can trigger the under eye to become swollen or inflamed. This can also be caused due to an eye infection. But more often than not, eye bags are not the result of another medical problem. They are a more superficial type of problems which makes any person look tired or weak. These can be removed with the help of a simple operation. Although the surgery is performed many places, people who want to get the most efficient and affordable surgery for eye bag removal Singapore is should be on top of their list. These surgeries are quite affordable and are performed differently depending on the cause of the eye bags. From the point of view of having advanced equipment and highly trained surgeons for performing an eye bag surgery Singapore is one of the prime places where people will get their money’s worth. 

Droopy or baggy eyes are usually not a medical concern but can be removed nonetheless. The professional look of a person which makes them look confident and fit is greatly hampered due to eye bags. Thus, surgeries to fix it should be considered as an option. 

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