Do you have puffy and unappealing eye bags? Do you want to get rid of them for good? Such a cosmetic issue can occur in anyone; both young and old people can suffer from ugly eye bags. However, you can always consult leading cosmetic surgeons. These professionals use surgical techniques to remove and treat eye bags. This can help your eyes look firmer, younger and attractive. 

Eye bag removal surgery is also known as lower eyelid surgery. It is a procedure wherein the sagging and wrinkled under-eye skin area are treated effectively for positive transformation. Many times, individuals also undergo other cosmetic procedures such as brow lift or facelift for an overall improvement of the face. 

Salient features of lower eyelid surgery:

  • It is a safe medical procedure done under certified anaesthetists
  • The surgery may last from one hour to three hours
  • The surgeon may recommend you to apply some cold compress for two days after the completion of the surgery.
  • The recovery period can stretch from ten days to two weeks. 
  • Eye bag removal Singapore cost can approximately add up to SGD 1500 to SGD 2000 
  • The success of your eye bag removal surgery also depends upon the skin quality and your post-surgery care. 

Some advantages of removing your baggy eye bags are as follows:

  • Fresh young look – Having your eye bags removed can make you look more beautiful. It can make you look fresh and vibrant instead of tired and dull. 
  • Minimal make-up – Ugly eye bags are often concealed under lots of make-up. After surgery, you can enjoy using minimum make-up as you do not have to hide puffy eye bags. This can help you save time and money that is spent to buy costly eye make-up sets. 
  • Firmer wrinkle-free skin – Eye bags, if left untreated can start to form lines or wrinkles and they can make you look really old. Eye bag elimination by surgery is permanent and it will stop the formation of wrinkles. Your skin will feel firm and supple. 

It is quite natural to develop eye bags as you age. You can stop the formation of eye bags, thanks to modern cosmetic technologies and stay young as long as you desire 

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